Invest in Women

Help us strengthen women to fight the battles that matter.

It is easy to invest in His Mighty Warriors -- here are some options:

  1. Mail a check payable to "LifeMark Ministries" and put "His Mighty Warriors" in the memo line. Send to:
    LifeMark Ministries
    Attn: His Mighty Warriors
    2001 W. Plano Pkwy, Suite 3403
    Plano, TX 75075
  2. Click on the PINK button below to make a one-time donation now using your credit card.
  3. Select a Monthly Donation button below that correlates to the amount you would like to give each month: $20, $50, or $100. 

However you choose to invest in the mission of this ministry, please know that your support is making a real difference in the lives of women of all ages, backgrounds, and spiritual stages! Thank you for partnering with us in this mission.

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