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We believe that time in God's transformative Word is critical in order to "strengthen women to fight the battles that matter."

Learn more below about the available Bible Studies, Reading Plans, and Devotionals that will help you dive into the Word of God and apply what you learn. Get started today!

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Unloved: A Study of God's Love

Have you ever felt unloved? Maybe you've been betrayed by someone you trusted or hurt deeply by someone you loved. Maybe you think you're unworthy of being loved because of your past mistakes. Perhaps you have even asked yourself, "Does God love me?"

The answer to that question is a resounding "YES!" God loves you, even if you do not feel His love at times.

This 6-week Bible study takes a closer look at the story of Leah and Rachel -- two sisters who  struggled with feeling unloved by man and by God. As you progress through these lessons, you will be amazed by how God demonstrated His love for both women, and you will find comfort and peace as you grow in the understanding that God loves YOU, too!

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Unlikely: A Study About Significance

Do you struggle with feeling insignificant? Perhaps you've made serious mistakes in your past. Or perhaps you feel like an outsider in a world that won't accept you. Maybe you are introverted and feel like no one sees or hears you. Insignificance is a problem for women across the spectrum -- it doesn't discriminate based on wealth or nationality or morality.

This 6-week Bible study will examine the lives of the five women named in Jesus' genealogy as outlined in Matthew 1: Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and Mary. All five women were unlikely to be included in the ancestry of the Son of God, but for uniquely different reasons.

As you read through their stories, you'll see glimpses of yourself in both their struggles and victories. More importantly, you'll discover how God uses unlikely people for His purposes and be encouraged that He can use you, too! No matter your past, your story isn't over. Your life CAN be significant if you are willing to be used by God.

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Unexpected: A Study about Courage

Does fear ever hold you captive? Fear, worry, anxiety -- these are issues that women struggle with on a regular basis. Whether it is related to a family issue, a work issue, or a personal issue, you probably have experienced the type of fear that immobilizes you. Trust me, you are NOT ALONE!

This 6-week Bible study will examine the lives of eight women in the Bible who exhibited incredible courage in the midst of devastating circumstances: Deborah and Jael, Hannah, Abigail, Esther, and three unnamed women. These powerful stories will equip you to grow stronger and more courageous to face the challenges in your life.

In today's society, it is growing evermore important to live courageously, to persevere in hardship, to be brave in the face of heartbreak, and to choose faith over fear -- all with the desire to fulfill God's purpose for your life. So get started today with this study of "unexpected" women of courage and be inspired to be bold and brave!

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Engage: Releasing the Warrior Within

The battle is real. The enemy is active. Are you ready to stand firm?

This 10-week Bible study will give you a deeper understanding of the spiritual war that wages both in the heavenly realm and here on earth. Be equipped to utilize the powerful armor of God to stand firm in the battle, and be confident in the Lord who has already won the war.

Life is a battleground, not a playground. It's time to Engage!